Falklands Exhibition

Excerpt from the exhibition

And that is very sad, that that whole operation, without loss of life until that time, and then this Argentinian sailor gets shot by misunderstanding. We buried him on South Georgia in the grave we dug, next to Shackleton’s grave, in the old whalers’ cemetery there. It was a very moving occasion: it was an absolutely still day and the sailors turned out in full dress uniform; No. 1s.

Richard Sigrist in conversation about his experiences in The Falklands

I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I conducted the funeral; the Argentinian Captain gave a eulogy, in Spanish. Anyway, at the end of it all he threw his arms all round me, in tears, and said: “Well: what is all this about?” And it was very very moving. That grave is still there. It brought it home to us I think: the reality of it all.

– Richard Sigrist, Chaplain HMS ANTRIM